Brush Better!

Brush betterAs adults, we all try to continue the oral hygiene routines we developed growing up. We brush twice per day, floss regularly and even use a fluoride mouth rinse. However, like most routines or habits, we may fall into the same spot. When it comes to brushing, this can be quite literal and not always to your benefit.

If you always begin brushing at the back of your teeth, or molars, this may be where the most precision and pressure is applied. Although brushing does not take great physical strength or muscle movement, we tend to fatigue towards the end of our 2 minute brush cycle. This is why dentists and hygienists recommend staying conscious of this and switching it up daily.

Your whole mouth needs love and attention, try beginning with the tongue, front or canine teeth next time. The insides of the cheeks are often forgotten as well, so don’t forget them at the beginning or at the finish line!

Which toothbrush is best?

American Dental Society has a great answer for that. They maintain that the toothbrush you most readily use is the best one. That is a fairly philosophical answer to a seemingly practical everyday function. But is has good workability. Basically if brushing is done correctly then there are a variety of good toothbrushes. So if you enjoy the electric toothbrush by all means get one.

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