Dental Tips From Dr Feinberg

Dental TipsThere are some things you can do yourself to protect your teeth. Here are a few:

Sip From A Straw!

As adults, many of us feel silly sipping our beverages from a straw. However, straws should not only be used for cocktails and iced coffee. In fact, a straw can actually benefit your dental health. Some benefits which straws provide are: less sugar exposure of the teeth and mouth, protection against dark spots and better oral hygiene.

For many of us, when we sit down at any restaurant, we begin to examine the silverware and dishes for any signs of dirt. Using a straw to sip your drink may seem a bit juvenile, however, it will give you a great barrier of protection against various types of germs. Straws which are single use are actually the most sanitary way to enjoy your beverage.

Using a straw can also protect your teeth from a sugary soda or tea you are drinking. Brushing immediately after each beverage is quite unrealistic for most people, so using a plastic straw is your next best bet. This will prevent any direct contact between your drink and your tooth enamel.

Don’t Crunch So Much

Your teeth have a life to them. Don’t overstress them and they will live longer. Crunching ice and popcorn kernels are some of the ways to put too much pressure on your teeth. Crushed ice is better than ice cubes.

Antiseptic Mouthwash

Use antiseptic rinse to prevent tooth bacteria and gum disease. A lifetime of this habit can go along way! Fluoride rinses help prevent tooth decay. Dr Feinberg recommends rinsing once or twice a day.

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