Don’t Chew That! : Dangers of Chewing Tobacco

Don’t Chew That!

Don't Chew That! Dangers of Chewing TobaccoFor years, chewing tobacco was considered to be a cool, masculine habit. It was made extremely popular by American athletes, especially major league baseball players. However, chewing tobacco has a variety of harmful effects on the mouth, as well as overall wellness. Chewing tobacco, as well as tobacco products which are smoked, are the leading cause of oral, head and neck cancer diagnosis.

In 1993, chewing tobacco was banned from major league baseball, as well as other major league sporting organizations. The Oral Health Association of America is a prominent force in the fight against chewing tobacco. This product has lead directly to a variety of health complications, as well as highly impacting the vanity of the face and mouth. Dark, unsightly stains on the gums, teeth and lips are prominent in almost all people who utilize these products.


For the protection of your oral health, as well as your family’s well being, it is best to seek help if you have used smokeless tobacco in the past, or are still a current user. The sooner you stop this habit, the sooner you can preserve your oral health. Contact your dentist today if you have used tobacco products. Smokers are at a high risk for oral cancers and dental screenings are even more vital for these patients.

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