Loose Teeth Can Be Trouble!

Loose Teeth Can Be TroubleEvery year, dentists see an increasing number of adult patients with loose teeth. This can be caused by a variety of diseases, conditions and habits. The most common cause is gum disease, but periodontal disease is not the only factor.

Nail Biting

Many of us have bad habits such as nail biting. This is one of the primary reasons adults experience tooth looseness and even loss. This causes the surfaces of the teeth to join together in an unnatural form, which can lead to overbites and underbites as well. Jaw pain is a common side effect too. This motion also causes the bone tissue and ligaments found in the gums to become compromised.

Teeth Clenching

Grinding or clenching the teeth is another common offender. This causes a condition referred to as “occlusal trauma.” This occurs when the person has a habit of grinding their teeth (whether at night or at times of stress). If this habit continues for years, the supporting bones can become weak and deformed, allowing the teeth to become loose and move out of place. In addition to loose teeth, this can cause orthodontic issues as well.

The best way to prevent permanent tooth damage or loss is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. They will evaluate the cause of the damage and formulate a comprehensive plan to save the remaining teeth, gums and supporting structures.

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