Oral Hygiene: What’s In Your Mouth?

Dental Habits

What is in your mouthMany of us have a very rigorous daily routine. Ever since we were children, our parents taught us that in order to avoid cavities and other unpleasant dental pathology, we must floss, rinse and brush twice per day thoroughly. Although this is a great habit to adapt, there are still many different varieties of bacteria found within the mouth.

Why do people develop this bacteria and plaque? This oral plaque is a very stubborn material, which sticks to the surfaces of the teeth and surrounding structures. It is also developed within the microscopic components of the saliva. As these tiny organisms accumulate in number, they cause a higher threat to oral health. When a certain number and strength is developed, dental and periodontal disease will likely occur.

Bacteria leads to Plaque and Tartar

There are many different types of oral microbes. Some of the occur naturally, while others can grow based on our diet or lack of oral hygiene. In many cases, the foods that we eat contribute to the growth of unpleasant bacteria within the mouth, as well as plaque and tartar. Many forms of bacteria tend to develop and grow on the gums and tongue, which is why it is especially important to clean these areas with antimicrobial and antiseptic products.

It is important to visit your dentist regularly and find out what is truly going on inside your mouth. We want you to be able to truly put your best smile forward for years to come and be sure you are plaque bacteria free! Call (619) 462-8550 to make an appointment to start to take control of your dental health. Dr. Feinberg and the team are ready to help you!