Brighter Smiles, Brighter Future!

Brighter Smiles Brighter FuturePreparing for your interview or first day on the job should involve much more than just picking out your best suit and tie. As candidates become more and more qualified, the job market gets increasingly tighter for a variety of industries. Preparing your resume and references is an excellent first step, but it is important to always remember that appearances matter. Being well groomed and well dressed are basic essentials, but how does your oral appearance translate during an interview?

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Dairy Does the Teeth Good

Know Your Smile With Dr Feinberg

Dairy Does the Teeth GoodWith a variety of new diet trends coming out every day, many Americans are cutting out dairy from their daily diets. There have been many milk alternative to hit the market recently, from soy based products to almond milk. However, dairy actually has a very big impact on dental health. The ingredients in natural milk and dairy products can promote healthy teeth and smiles!

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