Bad Breath Ruins Your Holidays?

Bad breath holiday health tips for you and your fellows

bad breath holiday health tipsHaving problems with bad breath? Read some holiday health tips. When we think of the holiday season, we often think of delicious Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing, good wine and sweet Christmas cookies. We also think of spending time with family, friends and loved ones in a social setting. At holiday parties, we often want to look and feel our very best. This includes wearing our favorite outfit, doing our hair and makeup just right and feeling our best overall. However, we often forget that no matter how much effort we put into prepping for a holiday celebration, our bad breath may leave a bad impression on our guests. Food and beverages which is high in sugar and fat can be a big contributor to bad breath. This holiday season, keep a few tips and tricks from Dr Richard Feinberg, a leading dentist in La Mesa, in mind to stay fresh!

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