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Dr. Feinberg uses the latest advances and state-of-the-art dental technology to get the best possible results, while ensuring maximum comfort. He also uses a master ceramist and the finest materials available, to deliver beautiful smiles every time.

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We believe that the smiles on the faces of our highly satisfied patients speak for themselves. Browse a gallery of the best San Diego dentist, Dr. Feinberg’s excellent results to get a glimpse of what a Feinberg Smile Makeover can do for you.

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A pleasant dental experience starts with the people who greet you when you walk in the door. Here at Dr Feinberg’s office, we believe that kindness and compassion come first. Our team is here to learn your needs and help you get started with no delays.

Introduction to Top San Diego Dentist, Richard Feinberg, DDS

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There’s a Reason People Choose Dr. Feinberg

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With over 33 years experience and highly advanced training in the field of dentistry, Dr. Richard Feinberg has become one of the most trusted and respected cosmetic dentist in San Diego and beyond. From his practice in beautiful La Mesa California, Dr. Feinberg sees patients from all over the country who come to him for an experience that goes beyond just dentistry.

Distinguished by a commitment to understanding every patient’s personal goals, Dr. Feinberg and his staff believe in making every visit a one-of-a-kind experience that is completely tailored to you. With extensive training, unparalleled technical skill, a natural artistic eye and an irreplaceable human touch, Dr Feinberg give his patients plenty to smile about.

Known for it’s five-star service, the office of Dr. Feinberg knows no limits to their hospitality, even going above and beyond by offering morning patients fresh croissants, the daily New York Times and hot soup or a menu of food items to their afternoon patients. It’s these small touches which makes Dr. Feinberg one of the best dentists in San Diego.

What patients saying about Dr. Richard Feinberg

"Every time I have been to this office, ALL the staff has been absolutely skilled, but also warm and sweet. Artists really. Crazy good dentist skills. I love them and look forward to coming back!" - Mateo S.
“I was in pain and my tooth was broken. They repaired the tooth exactly like new and treated the pain completely in one visit. I was back to work later that day. Great work.” —Wayne T.
“The BEST dentist I've ever had! I've been to many different dentists in my 52 years without much success. From my first visit here, the staff made me feel like I was at home and part of the family." —Mark C.
“A friend said he was the best San diego dentist around and its true! I have seen so many dentists in my life. But none like Dr Richard Feinberg. I felt at ease and relieved with no anxiety.” —Alicia C.
“From the first greeting as we came in the door to the refreshing beverage as I left, everyone treated us like old friends and cared as if we were members of the family. I almost forget I was at the dentist." —Cynthia H.
“It's the first dentist I like! They're knowledgeable, friendly, & accommodating. Blankets when I'm cold, headphones with music so I don't hear the drill. This is the best dental office you can go too." - Amber C.
“My front tooth dental crown came off and I searched the net for the best dentist in San Diego. I was greeted with very friendly, happy people. Thank you so much for quality service & affordability." -Chanc L.
“The BEST Dentist I've had the pleasure to encounter. An exceptional professional and a great person. Dr. Feinberg and his super competent staff provide EXCELLENT service." -Martha B.

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“My whole process is based on the belief that the patient’s goals come first. Only once I have heard everything you have to say, can I really put all my years of training to use—pairing your guidance with my knowledge and experience to achieve your exact vision.” —Dr. Richard Feinberg
Dr. Richard Feinberg, San Diego Dentist

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With over 33 years experience and highly advanced training in the field of dentistry, Dr. Richard Feinberg has become one of the most trusted and respected cosmetic dentist in the San Diego area and beyond.

Dental Implants San Diego

There’s no reason to go through life hiding your smile. With today’s dental technology, nearly anyone can achieve a beautiful set of pearly whites. If you’re missing a tooth, dental implants can be the perfect solution to restore your teeth and your confidence.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction San Diego

More than 35 million Americans have no remaining teeth, according to the American College of Prosthodontics. The full mouth reconstruction process involves restoring the teeth on both the upper and lower jaw, totally transforming your smile.

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Dental Veneers San Diego

When you see a person with an even, perfect, brilliantly white smile, it’s very likely that they have dental veneers. Veneers are thin shells that are placed over a person’s natural teeth. They are among the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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In addition to advanced cosmetic dental work, Dr. Feinberg and his staff are experts in the full range of dental services necessary to preserving your smile. With one of the most state-of-the art dental practices in the San Diego area Dr. Feinberg and his team can competently address all your dental needs, from teeth whitening to root canals. See our full listing of services below.