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When you see a person with an even, perfect, brilliantly white smile, it’s very likely that they have received dental veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin shells that are placed over a person’s natural teeth. They are among the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, ensuring that you’ll receive a smile that you love to show off. When looking for a San Diego veneers dentist, choosing a prosthodontist with years of experience will guarantee a successful, attractive outcome.

Who May Benefit from Dental Veneers

Typically, dental veneers are created from porcelain material that matches the natural appearance of healthy, white teeth. The veneers are specially created to fit the size and shape of your teeth, ensuring that you have a natural resulting smile. Each veneer is a thin, individually crafted shell designed to sit on top of teeth. Unlike natural tooth tissue, which becomes discolored by tobacco, wine, soda, coffee, and other dark beverages, porcelain veneers resist staining. This allows even the most discolored teeth to appear pearly white.

If you’re embarrassed about your smile or displeased with the way your teeth look, porcelain veneers can be an excellent cosmetic treatment. We frequently provide dental veneers to people experiencing the following problems:

  • Significant discoloration of teeth. This may result from excess fluoride, tetracycline or other drugs, history of root canal treatments, or lifestyle factors.
  • Problematic wear and tear on teeth that has compromised their appearance.
  • Teeth that are broken, chipped, or have other signs of trauma
  • Irregularly shaped or uneven teeth.
  • Teeth that are longer or shorter than one another.
  • Irregular gaps between teeth.
  • Any other problem that affects the appearance of the surface of the teeth.

Porcelain Veneers Before & After

Porcelain Veneers In San Diego before and after San Diego Dental Veneers before and after

Before Veneers

After Veneers

Process of Getting Dental Veneers in San Diego

Dr. Feinberg has over 30 years of experience providing dental veneers and other cosmetic dentistry services to the patients he serves. He begins by performing a thorough assessment and smile analysis, including mock-up to help you envision what the final result will look like. This ensures that you can provide input on the look of your new smile.

Getting porcelain veneers usually requires two visits. The veneers are created from an impression (mold) of your teeth that is then sent to a professional dental laboratory where each veneer is custom-made (for shape and color) for your individual smile. Once the customized dental veneers are created, they are specially bonded to the front of your teeth.

With little or no anesthesia, your teeth are prepared by lightly buffing and shaping the front surface of the teeth to allow for the small thickness of the veneers. The porcelain veneers are carefully fitted and bonded onto the tooth surface with special bonding cements and occasionally a specialized light may be used to harden and set the bond.

“After 3 consults with different dentists to get porcelain veneers, I chose veneers dentist, Dr. Feinberg. The entire staff were super friendly and professional and made me feel right at home. I spent the past 10 years with super stained teeth and the results that I got from porcelain veneers was better then I imagined. No joke, I have the best porcelain veneers San Diego has to offer. -Brian F.”

Finding the Best Dental Veneers San Diego Has to Offer

Not all dental veneers are created equal. Inexperienced dentists may provide veneers that do not match the size and shape of your mouth. This makes it imperative to seek the best San Diego veneers dentist to ensure that best possible results.

Dental Veneers San Diego Dentist Porcelain veneers dentist

San Diego dentist, Dr. Richard Feinberg is a prosthodontist, meaning that he has received advanced training in the use of dental veneers and other cosmetic dental procedures. He is beloved by patients because he truly listens to their concerns before creating a treatment plan. When working with patients seeking dental veneers, Dr. Feinberg customizes the veneers until they match the look you’re seeking. Plus, he places a premium on ensuring that patients are comfortable during their dental procedures. To find out for yourself why Dr. Feinberg is considered the best San Diego veneers dentist, contact us today.

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